Cinematography by:

Cristiano Santa Cruz
Obra Prima Produtora
Santarem, Brazil

Story & Music by:

Dan Marshall
Los Angeles, CA

Stylization and Cinematographic Example:

Created by:
Cristiano Santa Cruz
Obra Prima Productora

Menina da Selva is a next generation entertainment medium – a true fusion of visual media, music and a vision to elevate women and girls in developing countries.  This is a Brazilian/American joint venture project featuring Brazilian talent being created for the Brazilian popular music and motion picture audiences.  A version of the film with Spanish translation/overdub will also be promoted throughout Spanish speaking Latin America.

Worldwide Women’s Empowerment League (

Many wonders have come out of the Amazon jungle.  Menina da Selva is an entertainment component of the iLOW (International Liberation Of Women) WWEL grassroots initiative.  The project is being launched to cause a longterm effect in the lives of many thousands of girls who have no other voice.  Both the feature film and musical girl group will serve as beacons for the WWEL worldwide movement planned to launch first in Brazil.

Powerful women empowering women is the slogan of the WWEL movement.  WWEL has a sister project to Menina da Selva written for the American television and music markets titled Broken Necklace.  Even though the characters and situations are ENTIRELY different in Broken Necklace geared for the American audience, the core theme and story plot have one common denominator: four girls singing for change to help women and girls on the other side of the world.  Join us on this mission to export love and beauty to the world.  Read More:

The promotional video created by Cristiano Santa Cruz prior to cofounding Menina da Selva is an accurate representation of the cinematography and stylization with which Menina da Selva will be created.

NOTE: All visual media content posted on this site, including the YouTube video link titled “India of Igarapé Açú in Santarém no Pará” is the exclusive property of Cristiano Santa Cruz, partner in Menina da Selva and is published here by permission.

Iguaçu de Arruda Ferreira, Production – Tadeu Pinho, Support – Cristo Rei, Center of Atesanato do Tapajós.

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